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Passive Heating and Cooling

In passive solar building design, windows, walls, and floors are made to collect, store.

Solar Hybrid Air Conditioner

Runs on waste heat, saves environmental and electricity.

Solar Water Heater

Natural way to warm up the interior in cold days.

Lighting and Textures

Effective lighting and texture increase the effectiveness along with the pleasant look.

Bio Manure Basket

Great way to convert the kitchen waste into wealth.

Crack Gel

Traditional yet effective way to control seepage and leakage.

Smily Home


The Unique and Innovative methodology of the SMILY HOME is to create a high-performance House by applying the integrated, whole-building design process.

Doing so will mean that the building will be less costly to operate, will increase in value, last longer, and contribute to a better, healthier, more comfortable environment for people in which to live and work.

Improving Indoor Environmental Quality, decreasing Moisture Penetration, and Smart Energy and Water Consumption all will result in improved Occupant Health and Productivity.

Home Health Report Card
( H2RC )

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Energy Efficient

Energy efficiency is the first step toward achieving sustainability in buildings. Energy efficiency helps control rising energy costs, reduce environmental footprints.

Building Envelop

As the life of the building grows, many physical problems can be seen internally and externally like cracks, plaster removal, leakage in plumbing and water supply system,aesthetic.

Indoor Air Quality

Indoor air quality (IAQ) is a term to the air quality within and around buildings and structures, especially as it relates to the health and comfort of building occupants.

Kitchen Waste

Kitchen waste if not managed and treated properly will become a major cause of health hazardous in a house. It not only reduce the hazardous effects but also reduces the odor and other related.

Effective Heating

Heating and cooling in our home uses more energy and costs more money than any other system in our building -- typically making up about 48% of utility bill.

Home Automation

Applications of technologies play a major role in house everywhere now a day. You can control your house gadgets like light, air conditioners, security locks from anywhere with support.

Interior & Architecture

House require a rest from its duty forrejunavet as we require a rest from our work to charge ourselves again. You may be surprised by knowing it that every year we do something to charge.

Energy Saving

Energy efficiency can enhance human health by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving outdoor air quality and decreasing acid rain.

Rain Water

Rainwater harvesting is the process of collection of rainwater from surfaces on which rain falls, filtering it and storing it for multiple uses. Rainwater harvesting puts the supply of water.


The art and practice of designing the outdoor environment, especially designing parks or gardens to harmonize with buildings and surroundings.


Your home is the most comfortable place to be, and it is by itself your most prized possession, along with paying your utility bills, buying grossary, doing your interiors.

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Scope Of Improvement


Saving Solutions

i.Develop an Efficiency Strategy - achieve energy savings and reduce costs.

ii.Explore Energy Efficient Products and Technologies - HVAC products and technologies that reduce energy use and increase savings.

iii.Explore Demand Response Solutions create a new revenue stream by responding to utility requests to reduce electricity use.

iv.Explore Renewable Energy Services design and install renewable energy technologies for long-term savings.

v.Explore Efficient Water Saving Solutions reduce energy and water consumption by up to 50%.

vi.Use Energy Performance Contracting - pay for your energy efficiency upgrades with the energy savings that result from the improvements.


Overall Efficiency

i.Efficiencies of house hold appliances

ii.Air Ducts

iii.Heat Pumps

iv.Solar Water Heaters

v.Smart water uses

vi.Lightning system

vii.Heating and cooling

viii.Pumping/ water lifting system

ix.Working efficiency

x.Overall efficiency

Comfort- Health of house

Business Advisor

i.Indoor air quality

ii.Thermal stress

iii.Waste management and treatment

iv.Wall cracks- to investigate thoroughly the nature of cracks and provide technical solution accordingly

v.Inspection of faulty electrical, mechanical and plumbing systems and provide effective solutions

Interior and Architecture

Business Advisor

i.Lighting and decoration

ii.Colour and texture planning

iii.Pleasant look

iv.Effective space uses

v.Land Spacing gardening

Rain Water

Business Advisor

i.Make better use of space for water storage

ii.Reduce or eliminate the need for fossil-derived energy for pumping

iii.New RWH designs need to be multi-functional to: – supply in-building water needs

iv.Improve water quality

v.Provide a greener environment


Business Advisor

i.provide solutions such that the solar energy and the magnetic energy can be in resonate mode and create positive effects

ii.we measure presence of the fundamental energies in your house

Basic knowledgebase

Frequently asked questions

The life of a residential or commercial building in Indian Continent is generally measured as 50 years. The purpose of the building when it constructed may change during the life span of the building. Many indoor and outdoor natural and man-made cause affect the sustainability and uses of the building. There is a huge tendency that the design and workability of the building made changes as per requirement and uses by the people during the life cycle of the building.

It is well known that the buildings as a whole consumes about 40% of the electricity and 50 % of the potable water supplied to national grid. A planned designed process not only reduces the running expenses of a building but also can improves the efficiencies of the people who uses it.

The Unique and Innovative methodology of the Smily Home is to create a high-performance building by applying the integrated, whole-building design process. Doing so will mean that the building will be less costly to operate, will increase in value, last longer, and contribute to a better, healthier, more comfortable environment for people in which to live and work. Improving indoor environmental quality, decreasing moisture penetration, and reducing mold all will result in improved occupant health and productivity.

During the exercise, various parameters which effect the health standards, liveliness, comfort of the occupants will be measured and designed for maximum effectiveness. Efficiencies of the system will be achieved maximum with the unique and innovative technology integrated equipment and appliances for maximum savings on the natural resources like water and electricity.

We provide the best services. our smily Home.

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